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#shareyouradventure with KEEN

A brand that once started with making very good and cool sandals, but for the past few years also has been consistently making really good shoes for a very wide range of hiking related activities. 

For their Feldberg shoe for men, we worked together on a social media campaign. A joint promotion with a twist. Instead of justing asking people to like and share, which more often than not produces low-quality likes. There are a lot of people that are active on Facebook almost solely to participate in give away contests and win products they can sell on and will never use. Because Keen as a brand is not helped at all by these segment of a social audience, a condition for winning the shoes was that the participants would tell us what adventure they would have with the shoe and share their adventure with them through their own social media once they won.

This twist did mean that the absolute numbers of engagement on the campaign were less, but the quality was quite good. After the contest itself, the social posts by the winners also amplified the brand message.


Keen Europe


15 November 2016


Marketing Activation, Social Media Campaign

Hiking, Keen