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Portrait Trailrunners Team SalomonNL

Our project with Salomon surrounding the trail running TeamSalomonNL, here in the Netherlands, has gone into a new phase. After our very successful Facebook contest campaign, where the members of this team went training with the contest winners, the in-depth portraits we made was the logical next step in presenting these top athletes to a wider public.

In very personal settings we spoke to each athlete about their sport, the love for what they do, how they manage to fit top sports in their regular working day life, and what their ambitions are. We spoke to family and friends to really try to capture the athletes as they are. We were looking to make authentic, unscripted, sometimes raw, but believable and relatable portraits.

The portraits were published each week in May and June, leading up to the Marathon de Mont Blanc, where the whole team will compete and which is the final chapter to our adventure together with Salomon. We will keep updating this portfolio item as the portraits and the final film are released.


4 June 2019


Brand Activation, Portrait

Salomon, Trailrunning