GearLimits Media | “Inside-Out” with Lowe Alpine
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“Inside-Out” with Lowe Alpine

Why do brands produce products in a certain way? How do they determine the choice of materials? How do they feel about durability or safety? That’s what we try to find out in our Inside-Out stories with brands. We feel that being able to tell our readers about a brand will help them make their choices in what gear to buy, even better.

We were very happy when we could do this project with Lowe Alpine, a brand founded by the Lowe Brothers in Colorado, with its headquarters now in Derbyshire.

On day 1 of our two-day visit we went to Lowe Alpine HQ we had a long and extensive interview with Joe White. There is such a rich history and tradition to the brand, and although they “only” make backpacks, there was so much we discussed about their products as well. The biggest challenge was cutting down the wealth of information and great quotes we gathered to a comprehensive story we could tell.

On the second day we went on a short but very sweet hike along Stanage Edge in the nearby peak district. We did the hike with Andy Cave, brand ambassador to the Lowe Alpine. A guy who started climbing in that very area when he was 16, and worked as a coal miner, almost 1 km underground. And having topped 8000 plus meter mountains in his climbing career gave a unique perspective on how many vertical meters a person can travel in a lifetime.

The result of the project was a two-piece video, divided nicely into two productions on day 1 and day 2. To close off our project we organized a #geargiveaway competition of the very backpack we discussed in our first film. We produced a short competition video to enthuse outdoor enthousiast to participate in the competition we hosted on Facebook.

The Inside-Out projects are produced with support from the brands we visit. We still keep an open and critical view and try to find the real and authentic story behind the brand.


16 October 2018


Brand Activation, Branding, Social Media Campaign

Lowe Alpine