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Haglöfs Brand Sentiment Film

Haglöfs is one of those many beautiful outdoor brands from Scandinavia. Their focus on subdued but taste in design and extreme attention to quality makes it very well liked in the Netherlands. With Haglöfs Benelux we decided we wanted to make a film that communicated the values of the Haglöfs brand; we would make a long-form video, and take our time to tell the story of the brand.

This resulted in a long-form film we are very proud of. The combination of sweeping landscapes we were able to capture with our drone and the amazing colors and details of the vegetation in what seems to be a barren landscape was amazing. We carefully selected fitting music (as we always do) and the amazing (non-scripted) words from Jeffry Oonk, Friend of Haglöfs, our guide, and protagonist in the film brought everything together.

In addition to the film, we produced four “GearTalk” video’s in which we talked about various gear items we had used during the trekking.




12 May 2017


Branding, Outdoor Film

Camping, Hiking