GearLimits Media | Extreme GearLimits Review: Berghaus Vaskye Jacket
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Extreme GearLimits Review: Berghaus Vaskye Jacket

Berghaus is one of our most loyal cliënts, and in the past we have made some beautiful adventure video’s. Always celebrating being outdoors, moving through nature in various ways, and looking at the way great gear helps you get the most out of you time outside.

This time, together with Berghaus, we thought about approaching it from a slightly different way. Why not take one of the characteristics of the product, and testing that element to the extreme.

The Vaskye jacket is insulated with Hydroloft Polyball, small rolled up polyester fibre balls, which are hydrofobic, and keep you warm even though  it is wet. And what’s more, you can easuly dry out this materiaal by simply wringing the water out and then it immidiately retains its insulating property. So, how to test that to the limit: Go kitesurfing with it on a cold and windy dutch autumn day in the North Sea.

Not what the Vasky jacket is made for, but it does prove a point in a fun and action packed way. Filmed with Panasonic GH5 DSLR, GoPro and Mavic Pro Drone.


13 December 2019


Action Edit, Brand Activation

Berghaus, Kitesurfing