GearLimits Media | BikePacking Ardennen, an Experiment in Sustainability
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BikePacking Ardennen, an Experiment in Sustainability

Perhaps our most complex project we have done in quite a while. Not only the logistics, the fact that we took two amazing guests with us,  Hanne Tersmette and Wilco van Rooijen, but perhaps most of all because we wanted it to be an experiment in sustainable traveling.

In this day an age, the discussion about sustainability, preserving the little nature we have left, certainly in our very urbanized corner of the world, is very important. And entering into that discussion is sometimes a bit of a minefield: what is and what isn’t sustainable, or less unsustainable…and there are so many aspects to this discussion: be it product materials, carbon emissions, food production, (plastic) packaging, energy consumption…the list is endless.

Inspired by our partner VAUDE, a company which is perhaps the most sustainable brand in outdoor gear and apparel, we too tried to make the most sustainable choices during our trip. In all our fallibility and our resolve tested by the weather and the elements we encountered, we encountered many interesting eye-openers and insights. Which still resonate with us in our daily lives and have made small changes already. 

We hope this film will inspire people to see what small changes they themselves can make.

The strength of this film is that it combines various themes and interests: bike packing is a growing form of vacationing, a low eco-impact form to start with, and the very topical and pressing theme of sustainability will appeal to more people than only those who want to go Bikepacking. The presence and insights of our guests, last but not least, add an extra layer to that mix.

Filmed with two handheld DSLR camera’s, DJI Mavic Pro Drone, with our production vehicles being limited to a regular MTB and an e-MTB, it was an extremely immersive production,…as


6 June 2019


Brand Activation, Outdoor Film

Bikepacking, Vaude