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Preservation to Experience

The Fochteloërveen is perhaps the most unique nature reserve in the Netherlands. It is one of the last high moor areas of NL, is a Natura2000 area (most heavily protected nature area of NL), and one of the few places where common cranes and sea eagles can be found in NL, there are 3 species of snakes, foxes, wild horses, storks etcetera.

With Marten Pothof, Forest Ranger of Natuurmonumenten, we were allowed to trek through this area and set up camp just on the edge of it. Quite a privilege and an exceptional experience.

The theme of this film was all about how we can enjoy and experience nature in a responsible way; we talked about the tension between preservation of natural habitat, which in a way would warrant closing area’s off completely for humans, but also the fact that if you do close them off, and you do not show how special these areas are, the chance that people will connect on an emotional level with these areas and support the work of the institutions (such as Natuurmonumenten) that are doing the preservation.

Support which is very much needed in our small, urbanized country where nature is under constant pressure and threat of encroaching organization.

This project was made possible with the support of Fenix Outdoor, which takes care of Hanwag (Footwear), Primus (outdoor cooking equipment), Royal Robbins (clothing) and Brunton (compasses) in the Netherlands. The cool thing was, that the people at Fenix realized this film was not about selling product, of course, we use the products and show them, but it is the story of our experience, and the lessons we learn on the way that are the most important.

The production of the film was preceded by a Facebook promotion where we invited our followers to show their interest in joining us. The engagement was overwhelming and in the end, we selected Linda and Michael to join us. The film production will be followed with gear reviews at a later date.


21 June 2019


Marketing Activation, Outdoor Film

Brunton, Hanwag, Primus, Royal Robbins