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Berghaus Aonach Review Adventure

At GearLimits we are very familiar with the British outdoor brand Berghaus. We have already been able to review many of their products and we have also had the pleasure of doing some nice projects with them, in which through funding from Berghaus we have been able to do some amazing stuff and make great films. 

In this case Berghaus wanted to hero their new world first breathable down mid layer. With Berghaus we decided to organize a really cool short review adventure and with the help of the Tourismus Verband of Stubai we held a 2,5 day session with snowshoeing, technical winter hikes, two summit ascents (modest not too difficult summits) and a morning of snowboarding.

All to experience how good (or bad) the Aonach jacket was. The cool thing about our relationship with the brand is that Berghaus has always left us completely free to form our own opinions about the products we are reviewing and make our content the way we think it should be made. They obviously have great confidence in their own products and in I am happy to say, also in our capacity to look at those products with an open, honest and critical mind. So we have the best of both worlds (business wise and editorial) actually: Berghaus helps us do the work we love to do, and we can view their products in the same way as in all other reviews.

The trip itself was preceded by a Facebook win contest where we invited our Facebook followers to join us on our Review Adventure. From all the entries we carefully selected one couple who joined us. Either our choice was spot on or we were just in luck because Rik and Floor were just the perfect people to come along. So everything worked towards an amazing (if we say so ourselves) end-production. Totally real, non-scripted, authentic fun, with a very positive happy vibe and the love for outdoors shining through every shot.

For Berghaus the film was spot-on: “as if wat straight out of our brand book” and “it brought a tear to my eye”. It feels great to manage to hit that sweet spot where business goals and the heart meet


14 December 2018


Brand Activation, Outdoor Film, Reviews

Berghaus, Stubai