GearLimits Media | A Dutch Micro Adventure to Terschelling
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A Dutch Micro Adventure to Terschelling

Our second project with Haglöfs in as many years. And as special as our 2017 film in Oppland was, the visit to Terschelling and our 24-hour micro-adventure was just as amazing, in a very different way.  Where the vast and empty wilderness of Norway’s Oppland region is one every outdoor enthusiast just wants to head into, a little island off the coast of one of the most crowded, urbanized countries in the world (the Netherlands) is a destination that is less likely to get your heart beating overly fast.

But we discovered that emptiness, silence, fresh air, and beautiful nature can also be found in those unlikely places. And if you take time to slow down, and immerse yourself, albeit for 24 hours, you can step out of your daily life, recharge, reset and come back feeling as if you’ve been gone a week.

The trend towards micro adventures has been growing gradually. More and more people realizing it does not always have to be about far-away, inaccessible, mountain high or river deep, but that the adventure also lies in escaping from the hectic pace of our daily lives. Of finding the silence in yourself.

Haglöf is a brand that once again, trusted us to make content that is close to our heart, and close to the heart of everybody who loves outdoor. The branding in the video is quite subtle, but not hidden away. The attention to a special product integrated into the narrative in an organic natural way.

Jeffry’s insights into what makes a micro-adventure seem as natural and uncomplicated as they are profound and inspired. The imagery of nature and the joy of one husky does the rest.


29 October 2018


Branding, Outdoor Film