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TeamSalomonNL at the Marathon du Mont Blanc

The participation of TeamSalomonNL was the highlight of a six-month campaign. We started in January 2019, with a social campaign where the team runners shared their 2019 resolution with our audience and inviting (trail)runners in the Netherlands to also share theirs. The incentive for participation...

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Portrait Trailrunners Team SalomonNL

Our project with Salomon surrounding the trail running TeamSalomonNL, here in the Netherlands, has gone into a new phase. After our very successful Facebook contest campaign, where the members of this team went training with the contest winners, the in-depth portraits we made was the logical...

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TeamSalomonNL is the name of Salomon's Dutch Trailrunning team. From january 2019 till June 2019 we will be following these athletes and through video productions share their ambitions and route to the Marathon du Mont Blanc. GearLimits Media has wokred on the...

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