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In the course of making our video reviews and video productions for various brands, we have gained important experience on how to make not only a visually great video but a compelling story for outdoor & action sports enthusiasts to watch and enjoy.

It’s not only about spectacular action, sending, dropping, shredding spines: action is what we are in awe of, but people, and their stories, that is what inspires us. Your brand content needs to be relatable to your audience, an audience we know intimately through and

GearLimits has a very in-depth knowledge of and experience with of outdoor & actions sports. We are active practitioners of a wide variety of sports ourselves. We know the sports, we feel the outdoors, have experience with working in circumstances (i.e. weather, terrain) which you cannot control. We adapt to these circumstances, are light on our feet and can follow the subjects of your video anywhere (though wingsuit flying is where we draw the line ;-).

GearLimits Outdoor & Action Video productions is ready to help you produce beautiful and compelling visual stories for your brand.

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